POS Management

It has become increasingly common for companies to reach agreements with chains and client groups so they can offer specific products at the Point of Sale (Assortment), make promotions available to their customers (Promotions) and/or have their products displayed in specific places (Spaces). Collecting data about how these agreements are being fulfilled is essential not only to keep costs in check and file claims if necessary, but also to design, modify and make adjustments to marketing strategies that could potentially drive sales and make investments more profitable.’s POS Management Vertical Solution enables control not only of our company’s product presence at the point of sale, but also of labelling, appearance in marketing brochures, location, price, stock availability, facing, shelving, etc.

Our software also monitors the application of promotions, prices, product location, costs and marketing display. All of this is done in the early stages so that orders can be modified in advance and the point of sale does not run out of stock.

Additionally, the system surveils product spaces, locations and proper use of marketing display materials.

The data collected is then compared with the preset agreements with the store, so that whenever the appointed manager visits the POS, incidents can be reported, dealt with and corrected as quickly as possible. Photos can also be taken to apply better control measures and analysis.

Not only is it important to obtain data and monitor our products’ performance, but keeping track of our competitors’ product location, prices, promotions and spaces is essential to plan our future business strategies. With POS Management Vertical Solution companies can gather as much data on the competition’s products as we do for our own.

All this information is consolidated and compared in the Back Office and notifications are issued whenever any agreements have been breached, breakages have been detected, prices have been altered, among other situations. The system even compares all of these variables to the competition’s data.

Furthermore,’s POS Management Vertical Solution enables management of radio and television campaigns so that managers can let the POS know whenever they must increase their stock of specific products, which prevents shortage. This leads to better management and use of provided marketing display materials and POS equipment (coffee machines, coolers, etc.), no matter if they are placed in large surfaces like store counters, bars, etc.