Field Service

The SAT management service is made up of two main components, which should be addressed differently. On the one hand, there are Maintenance Services that our technicians must provide on a regular basis, and Corrective Services for addressing warnings or emergencies.’s Field Services Vertical Solution manages Maintenance Services as per our contracts with clients where inspection frequency is determined based on the type of installed equipment, its age and guarantee. Expert technicians oversee the entire process and are highly qualified to serve our clients.

Corrective Services are provided differently since they depend on the level of urgency and location. The system allows said services to be reassigned manually or automatically based on our specialists’ knowledge and expertise, current terms and conditions in our contracts and location of technicians whenever they receive the alert signal.

Managers can always pinpoint our technician’s location and activities in the system’s Dashboard, so they can manage alerts and assign professionals based on the client’s needs. They are also always aware of contract expiry dates and will issue warnings accordingly.

The system allows managers to define and set up notifications signaling what type of data needs to be collected without having to make changes to the software.

Technicians constantly report on their location to provide a quick response to calls and emergencies. They can also use the software to request any tools they might need to do their work and even invoice the clients.