Value proposal

The only product that with the acquisition of a license supports all sales models.

Point of Sale Management

Management System that enables the generation of MKT campaigns, Planograms, Promotions, Point of sales spaces management in a dynamic and timely manner.

Sales Directors

Management System that provides timely commercial information for making decision and the creation and adjustment strategies: customer information, prospects, indicators, daily monitoring of the work of the sales team.

Sales Force

Go one step further with your Sales Force to better understand customer needs, capture customers more effectively and get more business operations closed.

Operative Mkt

Tool that throws commercial information for the creation of promotions, improvements, launches, among others through the administration of intelligent databases, modeling of business rules, transformation methods integrated to a mobile app.

Field Services

Tool to manage SERVICES in the field, carrying out a preventive or reactive control, assigning automatically or manually to the technicians for their solution, enabled with GPS in the mobile.


Specialized modules in CRM, health sector and pharmacies, digital catalogs, route optimization and help tables among others. To provide a comprehensive service to all our customers.