A mobile solution that replicates the same business rules applied in ERP systems for price calculations, promotions and online discounts, offering a comprehensive mobile sales system.

Selling is a difficult task, but even more so when the right tools are not available. Information is the most important tool needed to better negotiate with the client. This allows the seller not only to take new orders, but also to go one step further by becoming a customer manager.

Our thorough and flexible pricing system helps companies set prices and discounts, as well as promotions ranging from the simplest direct product gift, to line and header discounts, price changes and bonus to products or product hierarchies, price lists and rates, definition of product bundles to be sold as unique products, and so on. The Vertical Sales Solution can replicate the same business rules applied in ERP for price calculations providing an advanced mobile sales system.

It includes additional functionalities such as sample orders, inclusion and exclusion lists for client assortment control, stock control and product status in the different Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses, price capture and point of sale stock, management of collections and outstanding debt and digital catalogue of products.

All of this is provided together with the data the pre-sales agent needs to negotiate with the client considering order history, outstanding debt, products they usually purchase, product portfolio, delivery, sales over the last few months, etc.

Moreover, the system shows what the theoretical route should be and compares it to the route the seller took by capturing coordinates, controlling presence with clients through BIDI codes and recording the duration of the visit.