Customer Relationship Management

Telynet can assist you in application design and selection of mobile equipment that suits the user’s profile and needs on the field.

Due to Telynet’s market expertise and broad vision of the future, we can offer innovative alternatives and ensure project success.

Our ongoing technological innovation makes it possible for our clients to permanently adapt and evolve according to their needs.

Likewise, we are fully dedicated to each of our projects and take on our customer’s challenges as if they were our own.

Telynet optimizes your business processes through consulting.


We can also provide scheduling services for calls, visits and activities like product presentations, negotiations with potential customers, event invitations, and activity flows. This is done through a customizable system operated by a manager who will schedule or plan activities. Likewise, supervisors can be allowed access to the system to add, delete or modify schedules.

Moreover, members of the sales force will be able to record Sales Opportunities whenever negotiations with the customer to increase sales and introduce new products is possible. At the same time, risks that could lead to client loss can also be reported. All this reporting will be overseen and supervised by the manager in charge.

A customizable claims system is also available. Once more, an appointed manager will define the Claims categories, as well as the data that must be provided and the steps that must be followed to find a solution.

In addition, it is possible to fully manage vendor expenses, create flows and validation levels through a system tailored to your needs.

  • Daily, weekly, biweekly management
  • Definition of fixed and variable concepts
  • Definition based on type of user